Pure Ganga Yoga: Your Ultimate Destination

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Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Training

What is Yoga?

Answer : Yoga is the join or unity of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness or Soul with supreme soul

Is yoga good for health?

Answer : Yes, Yoga is the excellent for health. This is the art of living healthy and happy long life.

do i need training proper before doing Yoga?

Answer : Before self practice of yoga you must train with a experienced teacher.

How can I get benefit of Yoga?

Answer : You should follow your teacherís directions and practice regularly.

Is Yoga religious? Do I need to understand any religion to get better understanding of Yoa?

Answer : Yoga is not religious. Yoga is for all. Of course yoga was created by Hindus like a Hirnaygarbha, Brhama, Shiva, Patanjali, Krisana act for the welfare of the world. But any open minded person can understand and practice yoga.

I want to be a professional Yoga teacher. How do I do that?

Answer : If you want to do become a professional yoga teacher we have 200,300,500 hours yoga courses certified by Yoga Alliance America(200 hours). Our main N.G.O. (IGYNTRI.) Regd.by Govt.and Yoga Alliance International

What are the levels of teachers training in Yoga?

Answer : We provide 200, 300 & 500 hours of yoga certificate by Yoga Alliance America and international.

Do you provide any certification after successful training?

Answer : Yes, We're associated by Yoga Alliance America.

How many branches you have?

Answer : we have 3 branches at present : (1). Vashisht (Manali)H.P. India, (2). Jogiwada road Maklodgang, Dharamshala, H.P. India, April to October (3) Yoga Training Centre (we are cooperating) shakarakand Gali (kanshi vishvanath temple sub lane ) Tripura Bhrairavi,Varanasi.

What facilities does PureGangaYoga provide for foreigners?

Answer : During the yoga training course we will provide students with Yoga mats,any yoga equipment and books.